Is there a packing list? 

Yes, on our downloads page and right here.   

How do I register? 

From the Impact Unite web page click register and follow the instructions.  When you are asked how may TL’s or Team Leader you will be bring please know that the correct response is 1 TL or TL scholarship for every 6 students or part there of you are required to provide a TL.  


Can drive my students to Impact? If the adults are training on campus how will my kids get to Impact? 

This is a great question and one you will need to think about.  TL, and that includes youth pastors, are required to be on campus for Gold School weekend training.  Someone beside the adults who are going to be on campus is required to drop off students. Impact has been happening for years and this is difficult, but it can be done. Please call if you would like help with some suggestions. 


What makes Impact unique? 

Impact Camp is built upon 10-12 person family groups that meet after each school and worship session to process the teachings on a practical level. This discipleship approach allows for truly uncommon growth in only five days. 

What are these “schools” I keep hearing about? 

Impact is comprised of six different age-specific schools that stay together throughout each day’s activities. Each school is given a color (see below) that identifies the students throughout the day. 

What are the colors? What color will my student be? 

Each school is given a color based on the grade that students will be entering during the following fall. 7th Grade is Orange, 8th Grade is Red, 9th Grade is Blue, 10th Grade is Yellow, 11th Grade is Green, and 12th Grade/Graduates are Purple. Your students will want to bring clothes of their color for rec. 

Will my group get to spend time together during the week? 

Yes and No. Upon arrival, your students will be divided between different age-specific schools (see above) that spend the majority of their days together. At night, however, your students will sleep in rooms with other students from your group. 

Where will my group be sleeping? 

Students are housed together by church in the on-campus dorms in gender-specific halls. Adult Chaperones (Team Leaders) are housed together on-campus as well, though they all room separately from students. 

What are Team Leaders (TLs)? 

Every church is required to bring one adult for every six students registered. These chaperones, including the group leader, will serve as Team Leaders during the week. TLs are assigned a school, paired together (typically one female and one male) and given 8-10 students from their school to form a Family Group. TLs are required to arrive one day prior to students for our TL training during Gold Weekend (see below). 

What is Gold Weekend? Is it required? 

Gold Weekend is our required training for Team Leaders, beginning the Sunday afternoon prior to Impact (please check your email or registration for actual times) and continuing until students arrive on Monday. It is required for all chaperones/ Team Leaders– no exceptions. This is how we maintain the highquality environment that promotes such rich spiritual growth at Impact. If you have leaders who cannot come up early for Gold Weekend, they cannot serve as Team Leaders.  If you cannot provide Team Leaders your church is asked to purchase a “TL Scholarship” which may be purchased online or by calling the Impact office.  

Will there be nurses on site? 

Yes, Impact hires a team of nurses to oversee medication distribution during camp. Students are required to see the nurses during check-in to release all prescription medications to their oversight. No exceptions – students will be sent home if they do not turn in their prescribed medications. 

Can my wife, children, friends, or pastors come and visit? 

No, due to child-protection and security polices, Impact is a closed campus environment. Only participants and staff are permitted on campus. 

What forms will I need to complete? 

Please visit the Downloads Page of the Impact website. Be sure to complete them by the respective deadlines to avoid the late processing fee! 

What should I bring? 

Please download the “What to Bring” document – Download 

Are there rules at Impact? 

Yes, we have several rules to ensure that Impact remains a powerful environment for spiritual growth. You will find the list of camp rules on the last page of the release forms for students and team leaders – Downloads Page 

What are the refund policies and drop dates? 

  • $50-per-person deposit required to secure your space at IMPACT or Superwow. 
  • After January 31st, deposits are Non-Refundable. If any spots are dropped after January 31st, deposits can be transferred to your final balance. 
  • You can transfer deposits to your total cost until March 1st.
    Deposits become non-transferable after March 5, 2021. 

NOTE: All balances for Impact must be received by 5/20/2020 to avoid a $150 late processing fee. And all forms must be entered online by 5/20/2021. 

Additional Questions 

If you have any other pertinent questions related to Impact, please call us at 770-936-5234